About Dunwoody Restaurant Group

Lounge and dining

The Dunwoody Restaurant Group’s start was established in 1996 with the creation of our first ‘California Style’ restaurant that was rapidly reformatted into The Dunwoody Tavern once we realised that it wasn’t going to work. The Dunwoody Tavern then led the way to expand and develop the future, now we are the leading pub company in Atlanta.

Huw Thomas, a Brit, went back to his roots to start expanding the company and do what he knew best, having run a pub in England before moving to the USA in 1986. He designs and builds each pub, running styles from London Pub to Country Pub, each one is unique. Antiques are purchased in England and shipped by his family to decorate each pub.

Anyone who visits our pubs always has their favourite pub and will gladly announce it whenever asked.

We have a great team of people working for the group and we pride ourselves in the longevity of our management and staff. We pride ourselves in knowing your name and ensure you don’t have a ‘chain restaurant’ experience!

Our staff can satisfy almost any catering requirement that you might need.

Our Motto is ‘ We know who you are and we know what you want ‘ and our Objective is ‘Snugness not Smugness’

Cheers and we look forward to you finding your favorite pub and be sure to let us know.